Nov 22, 2022

Why New Education System Is A Game Changer In India ?

New Education system is definitely a game-changer in India. It overcomes the disadvantages that are present in the old education system in India. It only changed the way students are going to learn education but not the number of years of education. Education is important for every individual and it is a fundamental right of every child. The basic foundation for any education is school education.

In India, the government has made it compulsory that every child should go to school. There are different boards available like CBSE, ICSE or state boards for a child to undergo his or her education. They need to be joined into schools like State schools, ICSE schools or CBSE public schools to provide them with education in respective boards.

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Old education system: The old education system has made it compulsory that any child below the age of 14 should be provided with education compulsorily. He or she can be provided education in government schools like state schools or in private schools like Indo Scots Global school. Every child should complete primary education which is up to class 1 to 8 and after that he or she can be provided with secondary education. Based on the interest of the child the board of their education can be decided and they can be joined in the appropriate schools.

If a child wants to educate themselves in the CBSE board he can be joined in CBSE public schools or ICSE schools or state schools. After this, a child is allowed to read 10+2 or intermediate as a higher education which is not mandatory.

Post completion of high school or higher secondary education they can opt for a bachelor’s in any field based on their interest.

After their bachelor’s, they can also complete their master’s in any field and also they can do post-graduation to be awarded different degrees.

Advantages of the old education system:

  • They used to cover more subjects and the student can have knowledge in more subjects.
  • They teach Indian culture to children.
  • Some of the subjects like mathematics help students in daily life.

Disadvantages of the old education system:

  • All-round activities are given less importance.
  • It focuses more on marks and less on gaining knowledge.
  • It causes lots of stress on children.
  • Since most students just study it by-hearting but do not see things practically it results in them forgetting the subject they read.
  • It is making the employment process tedious for a student.
  • There will be many exams conducted which pressurises students.

The new education system in India: The new education system in India overcomes the problems that are present in the old education system. It is designed differently in terms of the syllabus a child is going to read. The outcomes expected from a child who has taken school admission in different schools like Indo Scots Global School,  CBSE International schools, etc… is also different.

The traditional 10+2 model of education is changed and 5+4+3+3. Earlier preschool was not part of the education system, but now it is also a part of the education system. The education system is now classified as a foundation stage, preparatory stage, middle stage and secondary stage.

Advantages of New education system:

  • The new education system reduces the number of exams conducted which is the main reason for stress for children who are taking school admission.
  • It mainly focuses on imparting knowledge to students on core subjects and providing vocational education.
  • Students are subjected to learning at least one core skill based on their interests.
  • Students can also learn coding from class 6 and do internships which helps them to get exposed to the working environment and make them independent.
  • There is no mandatory requirement that a student should opt for only one stream in the intermediate stage. He or she can opt-in biology and accounting together.
  • Board exams can be taken twice and scores can be improved in a year.

The advantages of the new education system clearly show that it overcomes the disadvantages of the old one. It makes children who take school admission more independent and they can learn and work on what they want instead of going with the flow.

In the present situation also if we have this kind of education system then the education of children will not come to halt because we can do e-learning which is already being followed by many educational institutions like Indo Scots Global School.

The new education system is definitely a game-changer and we can all see that it is going to change the fate of our literacy rate and contribute to the future of India.   Ms. Gayatri Nathani Patil School Counsellor