Nov 22, 2022

How can I protect My Family and others from COVID-19?

Children are finding it hard to process this entire scenario and for the parents, it becomes essential to justify why is everybody being asked to stay home and be safe.

Instead of creating fear and making them panic it’s better to tell them about the pandemic obviously no stating the statistics of deaths we have but explaining in a positive way that anything that is not used properly, nature has its own way of balancing it.

Children are the reflection of their parents and our behavior and reactions are well displayed by them. So, parents imagine if we feel anxiety they feel it even more. Their anxiety signs are getting angry or irritable, feeling tense or being clingy, complaining about tummy aches and so on…. So please be aware and communicate well. Inculcate independency to do their own work according to their age, appreciate them for all the good work they exhibit, spend more time bonding with your children at the same time be honest about the situation as well.

Children react and act to situations the way we teach them to. Talk to the children every day about preventive actions to help them stay healthy and prevent coronavirus the spread. Explain that regular hand washing also helps stop the virus from spreading to others. Be a good role model and let your kids see you taking the precautionary measures consistently. Make them feel safe with lots of communication, love and patience.

Remind your children’s scenario will not last forever but it would also teach us a lot of things to value like our relationships, our emotions and not to take things easy.

Below is a comic strip where things could be explained easily, also to add to it the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare has issued an online comic Kids, Vayu and Corona that also keeps the kids engaged and help to understand the situation in a right way.