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Your Child's Questions Will Change the World

Which method of learning do you think brings more enthusiasm and commitment from the learners & Learning through questions being asked to them or learners finding answers to the questions that they have"? We at Indo Scots encourage the latter.

Curiosity and inquisitiveness are encouraged at ISGS and as the learners move on in our learning environment, it is their questions that become the foundation of their inquiry and research into the world around them. We firmly believe that stimulating the minds of our young learners right from their formative years will help in setting up the right foundation for their future learning and development. That being said, our curriculum has been thoughtfully designed with an intention to help uncover and develop their innate skills & their love of learning.

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The Early Years Program
(Toddlers to Senior Kindergarten)

Small Wonder Program
(18 Months and Above)

The Small Wonder Program provides a wonderful opportunity for young children (ages one to two-and-a-half) to participate in a rich classroom environment and establish a positive first school experience with the participation of a parent in the initial days and later caregiver.Small Wonder Next Steps is a gentle separation program designed for children, 18 months of age and older.

Preschool Program
(2 to 5 Years)

We're delighted to introduce children to their first classroom experience in our warm, nurturing environment. Our learner-centered approach encourages children to discover the world around them, while learning to connect with others and developing a strong sense of self. At Indo Scots we help learners to unlock their unique talents and interests and allow their natural abilities to flourish.

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Our Early Years of Learning

  • Conforms to best practices in preschool education which help start their journey towards academic success
  • We teach the way a child learns by tapping in to multiple intelligences
  • The curriculum ensues a holistic approach that incorporates different subject matter like literacy, numeracy , arts etc around a theme, creating a depth of interest and understanding
  • Starting in the earliest years, our learners are encouraged to post questions on their classroom's Wonder Wall.
  • The focus is on concepts rather than on content.
  • The concepts are understood by learner-initiated and learner-driven inquiry.
  • Our early learning curriculum is in alignment with the natural inclination of children to wonder, design, engineer and innovate which helps develop their affinity towards STEM subjects.
  • The assessments are done continuously based on observation, learner's work and focuses on the milestones achieved in the areas of learning and development.

Primary Years Program

(6 years onwards)

The primary years are undoubtedly an exciting stage of your child's academic journey, as this is essentially a stage wherein, they start discovering their individual strengths, passions, and underlying interests. Keeping that in mind, through our structured schooling program, we aim to encourage our learners to pursue these passions whether these lie in academics, sports, artsor culture - and set forth on a journey toward personal excellence.

Primary years learners are at the center of a highly interactive, innovative, and inquiry-based method that is focused on the holistic development.

Our Primary years of learning

  • Primary curriculum sets a global standard for education, which is child-centric and based on the best practices of national and international education framework.
  • The dynamic curricula for the 21st century focuses on meaningful learning, developing thinking skills and creativity, looking at issues from a broad trans disciplinary perspective that transcends the confines of mere disciplinary learning.
  • Our curriculum is concept driven. It helps our learners to see the link, disparities, different points of view, and diverse thinking patterns about the world around them.
  • The curriculum and teaching methods are tailored to meet the needs of different types of learners.
  • The assessments are based on bloom's taxonomy to encourage higher-order thinking skills in our learners by building up from lower-level cognitive skills to the higher-level thinking.
  • The skills in problem solving, critical thinking and perseverance are developed through our STEM and Coding program to succeed in a tech heavy future.
  • Grade 5 onwards learners are exposed to the program of Robotics that improves their computer programming skills and teaches them science and math concepts in a practical way.

Secondary Years Program

Our secondary curriculum at Indo Scots Global School provides a program to ensure that each learner is able to choose a career of his/ her choice at the end of the schooling years. During the third and final part of the Indo Scots continuum, setting your child up for success is our aim no matter which discipline they choose to take. We also ensure that a strong focus is maintained on inculcating good moral values rooted in Indian culture with a seamless fusion of international ethos.

Our Secondary Years of Learning

  • We encourage our learners to think and act independently and look to spur on their cognitive, creative and physical development during this all-important phase of school life.
  • The curriculum stimulates to collaborate with peers, think critically and independently, understand the concept and apply the knowledge rather than mugging up without understanding
  • The curriculum for the program is rolled down from what is expected of the student in Grades 9 and 10 by the respective Education Board.
  • The built up of topics begins from grade 6 with a focus on ensuring clarity in concepts and exam preparation.

Co-curricular Programs

At ISGS we believe that performing and visual arts programs, competitive and noncompetitive sports, and community service opportunities help prepare students to enjoy and be successful in life. The goal of a co-curricular program is well balanced with the academic day, encouraging a passion for learning and holistically meeting the spectrum of child development cognitively, socially, emotionally and physically.

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