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Our vision is to facilitate a learning environment where the individual success of each and every learner is celebrated. By promoting an international standard of educational excellence and by ensuring equal opportunities to each individual to bloom, we aspire that all our learners develop into successful, effective and skillful individuals.


Our mission is to stimulate the intellectual, emotional, physical, moral and social development of each of our learners so that they reach their full potential through enterprise.

We endeavour to provide the best blend of support and challenges so as to inspire lifelong learning and achievement for all the learners through

Our Philosophy

Indo Scots World School is a meticulous symbiosis of two educational philosophies both ancient and the modern - coupled with a unique environment that can offer your child a quality of education which is simply unsurpassable. Our modern school has been founded on the best of Indian and Scots education practices which are intended to be as practical as they are progressive.

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Our Values

Our Principles

These four principles are the mantra of our success. At the Indo Scots Global school, all our learners are provided with numerous opportunities to develop their life skills which is another reason why we start identifying & unearthing their talent at a young age. Thereon, our dream is to nurture & condition those diverse strengths so that our learners will be inspiring young world citizens who are empowered to make a difference. Ultimately, our goal is to help the child be the best they can be and aid them in achieving the highest standards in everything they set themselves to do. These four elements help give our institution a unique distinctiveness as a learning establishment and help define our student community.





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