The Four Pillars

At Indo Scots school, we believe education plays a vital role in empowering our young explorers to wrest control of their lives. Hence, we aspire to lay the appropriate foundation by building our school around four important pillars - Infrastructure, Curriculum, teacher, and Assessment.

The inside of our school logo depicts the 4 important pillars mentioned in our Ethos. These four principles are the mantra of our success. The lions on both the sides holding the shield - One lion portrays the national emblem of India and the other the Lion Rampant of Scotland.

The shield represent strength, as well as controlled environment & safety of the members of the Institutes. It's a symbol of protection. The golden leaves depicts the laurel wreath and is a symbol of triumph or victory.


In every child there is an Einstein, a Da Vinci, an A R Rehman, a Bill Gates, a Narendra Modi or a Mother Teresa. Apart from the homes that they live in, the school is the place of exploration for every child to give wings to his creativity and hone his inborn talents.

Our smart classrooms and learning spaces are well equipped with the latest teaching aids, fitted with the right quality of acoustics and lighting, to improve the overall interest and attention span of learners. We believe that in this day and age, having superlative sporting infrastructure and a state-of-art space for creative expressions are a pre-requisite as it plays a crucial role in shaping the personality of a child and boosting his/her chances of achieving excellence in the global arena of creative arts and sports.


Academic rigor that is tuned to the 21st Century needs

Academic rigor that is based on test taking, tons of homework and rote memorization of facts were all methods ensured the success of the student in the last century. ISGS recognizes that to be successful in the 21st Century those erstwhile education pattern may not be sufficient and thus the rigor at ISGS is much more expansive as we believe in encouraging our learners with opportunities to explore real-world concepts and issues, challenge assumptions, think critically and endow them with skills that they can apply throughout their educational and professional journeys. Our curriculum encourages students of all ages to think critically, challenge assumptions and consider both local and global contexts. The curriculum gives them challenges to construct their own path of learning and think beyond the time.

Teachers as facilitators

Teachers as facilitators We at ISGS aspire to be to be pioneers in imparting 21st century skills and being known as a future focused educator. We are fully aware of how fast the world is moving what took some things 50 years in the past is now reducing to maybe 10 years or even just a year.

Technology and innovation are spearheading this change and we as educators also have to be as adaptive in our teaching to enable our teachers to be able to move out of their comfort zone and go beyond the historical and traditional way of teaching and become more and more relevant to the demands of the hour. Their task is to present the information to the young explorers effectively in a way that it makes them want to learn by themselves. Teachers enable and support learners as they develop the approaches to learning they need for both academic and personal success.

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To prepare our learners for the life of the future, we will need to re-imagine learning. Things like walkman, typewriters, videocassettes, film roll cameras, the assessment of rote learning and judging of students by marks could also follow.

We are all well aware that quite a lot of the careers of today will be taken over by AI (Artificial Intelligence). So, should we also not be different and teach differently, assess differently to foster an environment of creativity, critical thinking and futuristic outlook.

For us at ISGS, assessment is an integral part of teaching and learning. The word assessment comes from the Latin word Assidere which means to sit beside. We therefore treat every learners assessment as an opportunity to sit with your child to help them and of course you as parents and make you understand where the child is in their progression of learning.

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