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Academics is just one spoke in the wheel

ISGS believes that academics is just one aspect of the many that makes a child a dynamic, spiritedand contributing human being. We do our best to give our learners the opportunity to enhance their social, emotional and physical needs along with their academic performance.

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Creative Arts and Sports Program (CASP)

Encouraging creativity, nurturing talent, and providing opportunities for unlimited student expression - these are essential to igniting the spark of genius in every child and integral to ISGS education.

We believe in encouraging our learners to explore variousopportunities through our Creative Arts and Sports Program (CASP)

The essence of CASP

  • The CASP helps a child to explore his or her potential in areas of interests beyond the classroom.
  • These structured activities are a great way to give a platform to the learners in building on their core skills in the selected sports or creative arts activities
  • Provides a platform to represent school in various competitions.
  • CASP helps to channelize the reservoir of energy of each and every learner
  • It helps the child to grow individually, socially, physically and mentally

Futuristic Skills Clubs

Clubs are playgrounds in schools where learners learn as they participate in different activities.

The essence of Futuristic Skills Clubs

  • Club activities will develop some specific skills that are crucial for later career.
  • Activities expand interactions among learners, who are likely to interact with others who are different from them. Thus, opportunities to experience diversity are enhanced.
  • It helps learners grow into well-rounded adults.
  • Clubs provide opportunities for learners to participate in activities and interact with peers in a supervised setting.
  • Clubs impart social and life skills to learners.

Various clubs a learner indulges into at ISGS are

What do you think is better to receive after each lesson: a lovely looking badge or important skills you can immediately put into practice.

Word Wizardry

To engage in critical thinking and reflection as the learners read, discuss, and respond to books

Maker Lab

To promote inquisitiveness among learners and inculcate Math and Scientific temper among them

Active in Nature

To sensitize, create awareness, motivate and educate students about environment and its conservation

Creative Hub

To provide learners an opportunity to gain valuable artistic experience

Social Spotlight

To inculcate in learners a wide range of social skills to effectively participate in the wider world

Events and Competitions

No learner left behind

We believe in inclusiveness at all levels and therefore believe that no child should be left behind. We hence offer opportunities for participation to all our learners in all our activities or events such as Annual Day celebrations, Sports Day, CASP culmination, Celebration of all special days, Literature Festival etc.

Inter-house competitions

At ISGS we conduct inter-house competitions regularly to discover learners personal strengths. The school promotes multifaceted activities and competitions like - elocutions, debates, slogan writing, creative writing, recitation, story narration, quiz, best out of waste, drawing, fancy dress etc to name a few.

Educational & Recreational Tours

We also take students for Educational & Recreational Trips Every Year. These tours not only helps in reinforcement of the concept taught in classrooms but also helps in getting a better perspective of the world around.



It is one thing to be knowledgeable and another thing to be wise. Knowledge is something, which can be learnt through formal training while wisdom is something that requires knowledge coupled with experience and good judgement. We at ISGS have a vision to introduce our young learners to people who can share their wisdom. The purpose is to bring up thoughtful young learners in the future who thinks, ideates and is open to share his learnings as they grows up.

The essence of TOW

  • A wide range of topics are covered to foster learning, inspiration, wonder and to provoke conversations that matter.
  • The speakers, from diverse fields, bring to life through their talk the ideation, prototyping and their experiences gained while implementing that idea.
  • TOW helps learners to get a first-hand view of the topic and understand the intricacies behind it.
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